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Stream is based on flow manipulation, you can forward, rewind, play or pause the action. While those core controls shift platforms around you, it allows moving across each level of Stream. The more the player advances through the game, the darker and harder it becomes. The main particularity about Stream is that the player does not get to change the way things are and how they evolve. The player only learns how the flow of actions work, once analyzed the player can navigate through the timeline but nothing can be changed.
It is not about regret but rather about fatality. That's why the ambiance gets darker along the way.

You can forward, rewind, play or pause the action. These actions combined make you able to get through each level of Stream. There are six of them, three levels very easy are dispatched on the first floor then you get the right to go to the second floor where two other levels, harder this time, are waiting for you. Once you got that done, you are allowed to go to the last level. While the first three levels are really easy and allow you to get used to the gameplay the other two on the second floor are puzzle based and try to make you see how the timeline can be used in your own advantage. The last level unveils a more platform based approach of flow manipulation. These different ways Stream can be seen come with the rich potential of flow manipulation presents in the game. Regarding the meaningful game context, the player is let alone to understand the actions taken in the game and the fact that the dark ambiance becomes more pronounced at each achievement. The matter is that fatality of time and the way it cannot be changed is the only narration, the gameplay alone is meaning and suggestion.


Colin Galletto (Game Designer)
Simon Chauvin (Game Designer)
Rémi Chapelain (Grahic Designer)
Jean-François Ducreux (Sound Designer)
Kevin Faure (Programmer)
Pierre-Antoine Favre (Producer)
Franck Langlet (User Specialist)


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