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Elle et moi is a student project about a girl, Mégane, from the moment she regains consciousness in the bathroom of her apartment. It is up to the player to explore the different rooms and find out what has happened. The player can move the girl around and interact through various instances. There is however not always direct control. The player acts largely as Mégane's conscience and gets various options at the different moments of interaction. An important part of the gameplay only becomes available after manually turning the camera away, where the player is shut out (only visually) of the events and Mégane is obscured out of view.

Through the various clues scattered around, Mégane will constantly drift between awareness and panic attacks. These are visualized through her gestures, sound, and also visually as colors desaturate. In a panicked state, certain actions only appear briefly, Mégane does not always respond to your commands, and the camera can no longer be fully controlled. It is possible to follow a certain course to heighten her anxiety or restore the natural order. Based on the player's choices there are different outcomes to the game and to discover them all it needs to be replayed multiple times.

Stéphan Froment
Baptiste Moisan
Sylvain Goulaze
Pierre Sylvain Coq
Arnaud Noble
Mehdi Aghayani
Florian Leroy


Elle_et_moi_1.2_FR.zip 212 MB

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please note the available build is in French only

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